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The goal of the Virtual Art Competition of Alabama is to promote the work of our students from across the state in a central and easily accessible location for all.

Best in show

79 Paintbrushes

I. Rutland - 
"79 Paintbrushes"
Oil on paper
11th Grade
Bayside Academy
Teacher: Carrie Jackson

Whenever the day seems out of my control, I will pick up my paintbrush and paint to create a moment of perfect calm. My work here is an homage to 79 of the tools that create joy and peace in my daily life. In this painting "79 Paintbrushes," I tried to give each paintbrush its own life and personality, and found the greatest satisfaction in creating the smallest details. The contrast between painting the reflective metal pieces and the soft brush bristles was a unique challenge. Watching each bowl slowly and calmly fill up with paintbrushes allowed me to fully appreciate the artistic process and also the way that art affects us beyond just the visual part.

pre k - 2nd Grades


Honorable Mention



3rd - 4th Grades