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2024 Conference

Auburn, Alabama

October 17 - 18, 2024

Scholarship Deadline: May 12, 2024

Would you like to attend the Fall Conference? If you are a new teacher, (teaching three years or less) or are a University student, we have a scholarship for you! Please fill out the appropriate Google Form application links below. You will need a letter of reference from a current supervisor. We highly encourage you to reference the rubric links during the application process. If you have any questions, please email

New Teacher Application

New Member AAEA Application

University Students Application

New Teacher Rubric

University Students Rubric

New Member AAEA Rubric

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Louise B. Marsh

Art Teacher, Advocate, Friend

Louise B. Marsh was a pioneer in the field of art education serving as one of the first elementary art educators in the Huntsville School system. She, along with Louise Smith, covered every elementary school in Huntsville beginning in the 1960’s. They wrote curriculum and established standards for art programs that lasted for years. Louise, not only developed and taught in the classroom, she was a fierce, outspoken advocate and was never afraid to get political on behalf of the children's art instruction and experience. As a result of her efforts, the elementary program in Huntsville grew and flourished. While others systems in the state were slow to develop, the Huntsville program became a model and set the standards for others to follow. She also practiced what she preached working on her own development as an artist. Her paintings were as bright and uplifting as she was.


Debbie Dempsey West, long-time, art educator remarked, “I remember Louise first as an educator, she was my 6th grade art teacher, and late, as a friend and supporter. Art was her life.” Even after her retirement, despite crippling arthritis, Louise continued to be an active supporter of art teachers, attending meetings, gatherings and art shows, always with an encouraging, loving spirit that touched so many of us. She often wrote notes of encouragement, praise and gratitude especially to young art teachers just entering the profession. Louise had a powerful impact on the art education community in Alabama. Keith Berg, 40 year art educator veteran said it best, “Louise Marsh was an angelic presence of wisdom.” 


Louise passed away in 1994. Soon after, the Louise B. Marsh Scholarship was established in an effort to honor her commitment to excellence and unwavering support of art educators in our state.  


*Each year, AAEA offers scholarships to pre-service art education students & first-time art teachers in Alabama to help them pay to attend the annual AAEA fall conference.  

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